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Mixing 101: How VU meters give accuracy in gauging audio signals

Relying too much on your digital audio workstation (DAW) in gauging audio signal intensity? You should seriously start knowing how a collection of VU meters or volume unit meters can do for you.

No, it’s not about abandoning your trusty DAW peak meter, but it’s about getting a big help to hit that sweet spot. VU meters can provide better accuracy because they’re basically using another scale to complement your decibels relative to full scale (dBFS).

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And, that’s what you need to know about. read more

Computer Repairs: Risks of Doing Your Own PC Repair

With the widespread availability of professionals offering PC repairs Nunawading currently has, you would think that people with PC problems would turn to them for help. Unfortunately, there are still a select few who try to do the troubleshooting and repairing on their own. This is not an issue when you have the extensive know-how on repairing computers, either by experience or profession. If not, then you need to consider hiring a professional experienced in PC repairs in Nunawading instead. Before you even consider the DIY PC repair option, there are cheap PC repairs Nunawading has today. You must also be aware of the potential risks associated with doing your own PC repair: pc repairs Nunawading Losing Important Data If you use your computer for work, then chances are you save most of your work files on your computer. There are several free services on the internet that you can use to save your files via the web. OneDrive, Dropbox, and even Google Drive are just some of the cloud-based storage services that you can use to store your files. That way, you will be able to access your files through the web rather than being stored on a specific hard drive, such as your computer. If you decide to do your own troubleshooting instead of call on Nunawading PC repairs expert, you could end up losing all of your files. You might not be able to recover those files even if you managed to successfully repair your computer. Compromising Your Computer This is another obvious risk associated when you decide not to hire professionals on PC repairs Nunawading industry has to offer. You might compromise some of the parts in the process, or do something wrong (which you thought would fix the problem). Either way, it could be difficult to reverse the situation once you have done something to your computer. If this is a big investment for you, it is smart to make an investment in repair and maintenance too. On the other hand, you need to be aware that you should also avoid dodgy computer repair services. There are some PC repair professionals who claim to be experts. However, they not only have limited knowledge on PC repair but also use old parts that could put your computer at an even bigger risk. It is, therefore, important to know that you should be careful about who you hire for the job. It Is More Expensive For the reasons stated above, you could end up spending more when you do your own PC repair. A lot of the PC users who decide to do their own PC repair do so in order to save money. But when you have limited knowledge and experience, you are doing yourself no favor. You could actually save more when you choose the right PC repair service to restore your computer to its working condition. Meanwhile, if you try to repair it by yourself, you would be at higher risk of spending more on parts replacement; or worse, you would be forced to repair your old computer when it is damaged. There are plenty of companies that offer PC repairs Nunawading has today. Use their services to your advantage to make your life easy!

Paving The Path Towards Safety Using Partial Discharge Testing

As more jobs are being filled in the city due to modernization and the advancement in technology, we construct more buildings and open different types of businesses. Any industry using a power supply needs their cables and wirings maintained from time to time to ensure safety. This is where partial discharge testing comes in handy – to monitor and provide diagnostic information about cables, switchgears, rotating machines and transformers. partial discharge testing

Partial discharge testing is the best way to assess insulation since, statistics show that 90% electrical failures are caused by insulation deterioration. PD testing can be considered as a health check for your high voltage insulation. It detects problems before they even happen. read more

How To Choose The Correct Software Development Outsourcing Method

The decision to outsource software development projects is a difficult decision for any company. Outsourcing means giving up full control over the results, and relying on another company for your project’s success. Software development outsourcing is a tricky matter, and project success depends on choosing not only the correct service provider but service model as well.


Different Software Development Outsourcing Models


There are different approaches to software development outsourcing. These affect everything during software development, from the planning, testing and to the software maintenance. Here are the three basic service models for outsourcing software development: read more

Perks and Drawbacks of Electronic Cash Registers and How a Cash Register Software can Help

Electronic cash registers are common in retail stores as they are affordable machines that can process sales and record consumers’ transactions. Depending on the quality of the machine, a good cash register can last and be of service up to a decade. If you’re planning to buy a new model for your retail store or want to purchase your first cash register before you open your store, then you have come to the right place. Here we break down the advantages and disadvantages of an electronic cash register and a computer with a cash register software installed, and weigh down their benefits to your retail business.
Cash Register Software

Cash Register Software

  Advantages   Always an Affordable Investment   Traditional electronic cash registers are usually affordable and practical for small businesses and retail stores, which is why it is still the most common component of many business’ eCommerce systems today.   The good thing about the electronic type of cash register system is even the affordable ones can be highly dependable, which is quite practical if you’re just starting your business. Of course, you can always replace them with better models when time comes and you have the budget. If you’re planning to purchase this type of register for the first time, make sure you check the memory – on whether it has enough space to keep track of your sales and assess the performance of your business. Higher memory registers with more sophisticated functions are obviously the more expensive ones.     Speeds Up Checkout Time   The two obvious advantages of an electronic register are fast checkout and ability to track customer transactions. Most models out there are quite easy to use while providing accurate record keeping. Basic hardware includes a display or monitor, a keyboard and a printer. Even the most affordable models can work conveniently by keeping records of sales, provide the store price look-ups, calculate total amount and change and print buyers’ receipts while keeping the record for the store.   Also, many models include correct sales tax feature where it automatically calculates the payable tax receipt after receipt, run reports and identify employee sales. Models that offer more advanced and sophisticated options depend on the type of record-keeping the store needs.   Security   Security is another great factor to consider, and most retail cash register systems come with good security systems to keep the money safe. Cash drawer automatically locks, which forbids unauthorized users from logging in and getting their hands from the money inside.     Disadvantages   Though electronic cash registers are relatively easy and quick to use, they still require training. Different models have different instructions and functionalities, thus, then you replace your old model with a new one, there will surely be a learning curve. And if you have an employee as your cashier, you may need to train that employee as well. This can be a hassle if you are juggling so many things simultaneously in your business.   Electronic cash registers also differ on mechanical features, such as the built-in printer type, number of keys, etc.   Another big drawback you should consider in this type of cash register is that, a simple malfunction or power outage can cause it to lose stored data, which can be a huge problem for tracking your sales and business’ performance.     How Cash Register Software Can Help   Because cash register software is installed and functions in a computer, you have all the advantages of a traditional cash register minus the disadvantages. The computer will take care of safekeeping your data while provide you faster and more convenient cash outs.   Most software programs are also designed with user-friendly and straightforward interface that can be used by anyone easily.   Check out for more information.