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4 tips to follow when shopping for your bike needs

4 tips to follow when shopping for your bike needs

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Whether you’re a bike pro athlete or an enthusiast, you’ll find that Mellow Johnny’s online shop a mecca for all your bike needs. In fact, you may feel overwhelmed and confused with the many choices.

You can always read reviewto get others’ recommendations, but make sure you remember the following tips:

  1. Decide on Your Preferred Biking Activity

If you’re thinking of driving your bike a few minutes to an hour each day, you can be casual with your look. For example, you can complement a pair of shorts or cycling pants with a polycotton tee. This shirt is not only stretchable but also airy as cotton allows for excellent ventilation.

You can head to Mellow Johnny’s Online Shop to look for the designs you want. This site offers a variety of prints if ever you value self-expression. Pick the colours you like as well.

If you are a competitor or someone who rides a bike for hours, you can benefit from a cycling jersey. Unlike shirts, jerseys are usually fitter to reduce air resistance.

The fabric, meanwhile, is also moisture-wicking. This way, it doesn’t stick to the body when you’re already sweating profusely. It also provides good ventilation.

You can then pair the jersey with a bib. It is a pair of shorts with attached suspenders or jumpers. Most avid bikers prefer it over waistband pants or shorts since it prevents chafing. You wear it underneath the jersey. See here at Mellow Johnny’s

  1. Don’t Forget to Buy a Cycling Cap

No doubt, when you’re riding a bike, you should have a helmet, but you may also need another one for the head: cycling cap.

Also known as casquette, which is the French term for “cap,” it is usually a cotton fabric you wear underneath the helmet. It’s supposed to keep your head warm during fall and winter and cool during summer bike rides.

However, it can also keep you safe and healthy. It can prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes. It may even reduce the chances of sunburn at the back of your neck.

Mellow Johnny’s Online Shop sells one with a three-panel design, so it fits snugly into your head.

  1. Buy a Set

If you see this website, for example, you’ll encounter many sections feature their latest collection.

A collection or a set may already include bibs, jerseys, socks, and tees that belong to the same line. They may feature uniform or similar designs.

Buying a collection can be advantageous when you want a more streamlined look when you’re biking. You are also more likely sure the items are available.

  1. Include Some Accessories

For a lot of people, accessories are optional. In reality, they may be essential for a comfortable and safe ride. Take, for example, a classic water bottle that you can attach easily into your ride.

Although Austin has plenty of outdoor spaces, many of them lack water facilities. A bottle then becomes a must.

Don’t feel like a headless chicken when you’re in the online bike shop, alright? Follow the tips we listed above. For more information, visit their website at:

About second hand freezers and freezers for hire

About second hand freezers and freezers for hire

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A freezer is one of the basic kitchen electric appliances that are necessary in any home. These appliances are instrumental in storing food items and keeping them fresh for a longer period of time. People in the food industry more especially require freezers so that they can avail fresh food to their clients nonstop. To acquire a freezer, whether for home use or business, there are three options. There is the option of a new purchase which can be costly and buying a second hand one. If you are in business, a third option of renting a freezer is also available. You can find second hand freezers in the Australian market in good condition.

Where to get them

A second hand freezer is not hard to obtain. The first option is family and friends. These people will occasionally have an item for sale but this is not a good option if you are in urgent need of a freezer as it is highly unlikely that friends and family will have a fridge freezer for sale at the exact time that you will need one. There are also people who also buy freezers for additional space and place them in their garage and will be willing to sell in case they find a good deal. Therefore, if you are in need, make it known to people. Also, local newspapers though traditional are a good way to find second hand Melbourne refrigeration offers. Additionally, this option provides an opportunity for viewing before making a purchase as it is highly likely that the person advertising is in your area.

Buying a second hand freezer online

The Internet has brought convenient options for buying items such as second hand freezers. Available are auction websites that are extremely low cost. Here sellers will set a low price to start a bid and if few people are bidding, then the sale price can be a real bargain. Also, there are online Sydney freezers stores selling used freezers. However, you need to be careful with the Internet as there is no prior viewing of items. Check the customer reviews on the Internet and ratings of the products stores deliver to get something in good quality. When it comes to auction sites, only bid on items sold by sellers with positive feedback as many auction sites have a scoring system from which sellers are rated.

 Renting freezers

 Sometimes money for purchasing second hand freezer might also not be available. There is a renting option available. Depending on your requirements you can hire a fridge for short-term or long-term depending on your requirements.  Good thing with freezers for hire is you don’t have to worry about quality as renting companies invest on good-quality  material that can serve them for long. Also you will benefit from free delivery.

It has already been established that freezers are important kitchen appliances. However, if you are battling with finances then second hand freezers and freezers for hire are affordable options worth considering.

Four Reasons Why You Should Invest in Electric Log Splitter

Four Reasons Why You Should Invest in Electric Log Splitter

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Lumber is a very important resource used in homes and woodwork shops for many reasons. However, when it comes to splitting lumber, many users still have to use crude methods such as an axe or manually operated wood splitters. To minimize time and energy you use to split logs, electric log splitters for sale are now available from trusted companies in Australia.

Before you purchase a log splitter, it is important to browse the market and identify a supplier that can give you the right machine and convenience as well. While many suppliers may put the tag, ‘log splitters for sale’, not all of them may stock the best machines that meet customers’ expectations. Only a few trusted companies and suppliers have the best machines made to international standards.

Therefore, rather than following the log splitters for sale banner, you need to be sure about what you want to accomplish with your machine. For example, electric log splitters are essential when you want to split several pieces of big-size logs in the shortest time possible. It can work well in a woodwork shop or lumberyard where several pieces of logs are split.

While some users may opt for manual splitters, it is obvious that they take more time to and energy to complete the work compared to those using electric powered machines. That is why if you are looking for a log splitter for sale, it is advisable to go for an electric powered version. Here are some of the benefits you derive from the machine.

· It is portable: whether you want to work indoors or outside in your backyard, you can still use electric log splitter. However, since the machine uses electric energy, you will need an electric power outlet nearby. Alternatively, you may need long extension cords if you need to move your machine around.

· It works faster: compared to other versions of log splitters, electric powered splitter works faster and split several logs in only a few minutes. If you use an axe for the same amount of work, you may spend several hours to complete the same.

· Electric powered machine is less risky: manual log splitter exposes users to risk of injuries because the user has to hold and position the log as it slides in the machine. With an electric log splitter, you only put the log in place and leave it as the machine does the rest of the work. However, you will need to put on your protective gear during operation.

· Variety: companies offering for sale log splitters stock them in different sizes and designs. At the time of purchase, you can select a machine that best suits your needs. Besides, the suppliers are able to offer appropriate advice on basic safety rules and maintenance.

Finally, if you want to buy log splitters that can give you convenience, go to an established company with excellent reputation. Only certain companies with history of excellent customer service can put your interest first and give you the machine you want.

In Brisbane, Australia, you can get more information regarding wood splitters for sale from Bigger Boyz Toyz. Get in touch with them here: