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4 tips to follow when shopping for your bike needs

4 tips to follow when shopping for your bike needs

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Whether you’re a bike pro athlete or an enthusiast, you’ll find that Mellow Johnny’s online shop a mecca for all your bike needs. In fact, you may feel overwhelmed and confused with the many choices.

You can always read reviewto get others’ recommendations, but make sure you remember the following tips:

  1. Decide on Your Preferred Biking Activity

If you’re thinking of driving your bike a few minutes to an hour each day, you can be casual with your look. For example, you can complement a pair of shorts or cycling pants with a polycotton tee. This shirt is not only stretchable but also airy as cotton allows for excellent ventilation.

You can head to Mellow Johnny’s Online Shop to look for the designs you want. This site offers a variety of prints if ever you value self-expression. Pick the colours you like as well.

If you are a competitor or someone who rides a bike for hours, you can benefit from a cycling jersey. Unlike shirts, jerseys are usually fitter to reduce air resistance.

The fabric, meanwhile, is also moisture-wicking. This way, it doesn’t stick to the body when you’re already sweating profusely. It also provides good ventilation.

You can then pair the jersey with a bib. It is a pair of shorts with attached suspenders or jumpers. Most avid bikers prefer it over waistband pants or shorts since it prevents chafing. You wear it underneath the jersey. See here at Mellow Johnny’s

  1. Don’t Forget to Buy a Cycling Cap

No doubt, when you’re riding a bike, you should have a helmet, but you may also need another one for the head: cycling cap.

Also known as casquette, which is the French term for “cap,” it is usually a cotton fabric you wear underneath the helmet. It’s supposed to keep your head warm during fall and winter and cool during summer bike rides.

However, it can also keep you safe and healthy. It can prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes. It may even reduce the chances of sunburn at the back of your neck.

Mellow Johnny’s Online Shop sells one with a three-panel design, so it fits snugly into your head.

  1. Buy a Set

If you see this website, for example, you’ll encounter many sections feature their latest collection.

A collection or a set may already include bibs, jerseys, socks, and tees that belong to the same line. They may feature uniform or similar designs.

Buying a collection can be advantageous when you want a more streamlined look when you’re biking. You are also more likely sure the items are available.

  1. Include Some Accessories

For a lot of people, accessories are optional. In reality, they may be essential for a comfortable and safe ride. Take, for example, a classic water bottle that you can attach easily into your ride.

Although Austin has plenty of outdoor spaces, many of them lack water facilities. A bottle then becomes a must.

Don’t feel like a headless chicken when you’re in the online bike shop, alright? Follow the tips we listed above. For more information, visit their website at:

About second hand freezers and freezers for hire

About second hand freezers and freezers for hire

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A freezer is one of the basic kitchen electric appliances that are necessary in any home. These appliances are instrumental in storing food items and keeping them fresh for a longer period of time. People in the food industry more especially require freezers so that they can avail fresh food to their clients nonstop. To acquire a freezer, whether for home use or business, there are three options. There is the option of a new purchase which can be costly and buying a second hand one. If you are in business, a third option of renting a freezer is also available. You can find second hand freezers in the Australian market in good condition.

Where to get them

A second hand freezer is not hard to obtain. The first option is family and friends. These people will occasionally have an item for sale but this is not a good option if you are in urgent need of a freezer as it is highly unlikely that friends and family will have a fridge freezer for sale at the exact time that you will need one. There are also people who also buy freezers for additional space and place them in their garage and will be willing to sell in case they find a good deal. Therefore, if you are in need, make it known to people. Also, local newspapers though traditional are a good way to find second hand Melbourne refrigeration offers. Additionally, this option provides an opportunity for viewing before making a purchase as it is highly likely that the person advertising is in your area.

Buying a second hand freezer online

The Internet has brought convenient options for buying items such as second hand freezers. Available are auction websites that are extremely low cost. Here sellers will set a low price to start a bid and if few people are bidding, then the sale price can be a real bargain. Also, there are online Sydney freezers stores selling used freezers. However, you need to be careful with the Internet as there is no prior viewing of items. Check the customer reviews on the Internet and ratings of the products stores deliver to get something in good quality. When it comes to auction sites, only bid on items sold by sellers with positive feedback as many auction sites have a scoring system from which sellers are rated.

 Renting freezers

 Sometimes money for purchasing second hand freezer might also not be available. There is a renting option available. Depending on your requirements you can hire a fridge for short-term or long-term depending on your requirements.  Good thing with freezers for hire is you don’t have to worry about quality as renting companies invest on good-quality  material that can serve them for long. Also you will benefit from free delivery.

It has already been established that freezers are important kitchen appliances. However, if you are battling with finances then second hand freezers and freezers for hire are affordable options worth considering.

Gas heaters that heat the interior using minimum possible gas

Gas heaters that heat the interior using minimum possible gas


A fireplace is one of the important components of every home. In fact, you can find a fireplace even in some of the offices and commercial buildings. But, these conventional fireplaces have been redesigned to keep pace with the fast changing lifestyle. As a result, the conventional fireplace is replaced by inbuilt gas heaters. Elegant design, economy in gas consumption are some of the notable features of the modern gas heaters. Some of the gas heaters are so efficient that they heat an area up to about 80 square meters.

Increase in the sale:

It is said that during the last decade in Australia, the sales of inbuilt gas heaters have increased by more than three folds. The modern gas heaters give priority to aesthetic appearance, economy in consumption of gas, safety, portability and efficient heating capability.

Types of gas heaters:

The gas heaters can be classified into two namely ‘B’ vent and ‘direct’ vent. The ‘B’ vent is an open gas fire system and it is one of the traditional forms of fireplaces. On the contrary, the ‘direct’ vent gas heaters are inbuilt gas heaters. These gas heaters are provided with a glass fronted fireplace with an appropriate flue or exhaust system to throw out the smoke.

Gas logs instead of wooden logs:

Despite availability of varieties of inbuilt gas heaters, you may have the fascination to retain the traditional look of the fireplace but still using the modern accessories. In such cases, you may look for a gas log fireplace Australia shops sell. The traditional fireplace uses wooden logs to heat up the interior. But the gas log fireplace uses fiber logs through which the gas passes to heat the interior of the building. In fact, this is one of the unique designs of a gas log fireplace.

Unique free standing model:

When you browse you would find varieties of gas log fireplaces. Among the various models of gas heaters, the free standing gas heaters are very popular among the prospective buyers. This type of gas heaters are known for their undisputed elegance, portability, heating efficiency, safety and economy in the consumption of gas. Further, this category of gas heaters is easy to maintain and they have an affordable price tag.

Natural golden color flame:

As far as the gas log heater is concerned, there are exclusive varieties of heaters providing the best gas log fires. These gas log fires replicate the natural golden color fire coming out from a wooden log. These log fireplaces are available in different varieties like vented and vent free gas log. Further, the gas logs are inexpensive and very easy to install. Check out Dan Hadley Adelaide

Improved safety features:

Further, some of the gas log fires are provided with controls to regulate the flame according to your requirements. In addition to this, the gas log fires are provided with appropriate safety pilot gadgets. The pilot gadgets are so designed by Illusion Gas Log Fires that if the normal flow of gas is disrupted, they shut off the flow of the gas to the burner.


The design of a fireplace has undergone tremendous changes. Efficiency in heating, elegance in design and economy are the benchmarks of modern gas fireplaces. You can find varieties of gas heaters when you visit reputed manufacturers like the

Knowing Which Violet Wand to Buy


It’s neither new nor is it difficult to stimulate one’s sex life or get a massage from time to time. This is where violet wands come in handy. They are modern kink stimulation or sexual toys that are a part of a wide range of electrical play devices.

Violet wands are designed to provide stimulus to the skin and nerves. Violet wands are known and even used for medical therapies as an alternative treatment because of their high-frequency electrical discharge. These wands have the ability to bring about a wide range of sensations and intensities; from fizzling to sharp shocks. When it comes to violet wands there is a lot of information that may become overwhelming and even contradictory laced with incorrect myths as stated on a violet wand directory of information. Thus, you need to know what you want before purchasing one. When choosing a violet wand there are various factors you will need to consider and below are guidelines to ensure that with violet wands you will never get bored.

Types of violet wands

In the market, you will find various types of wands and some of them include;

Tesla type violet wand – This type of violet wand falls under the heavy duty category and is made in different grades. Before purchasing a tesla type violet wands in Australia, consider what you need and how long you need it for. This design is known to overheat easily, thus damaging the wand if overused past its time limit. Ensure you consider the model, brand and the recommended use of the wand.

Electronic or solid state violet wands – These wands violet are the newest in the market and are less heavy duty when compared to the tesla type. They are more economical and power the wand as well as provide the output by use of the circuit board. Most sellers may refer to these devices as violet wands however their output is too low as compared to violet wands whose net discharges reach 35kv. Therefore, have all the knowledge at hand before making any purchase.


After figuring out what type of violet wand best suits you, there are other factors you still need to consider. Firstly, consider the quality of the device you are buying. Violet wands are designed to be used on any part of the body except the eyes. Therefore, before exposing yourself to anything, ensure it’s made well. Cost is a factor which mostly determines the quality of a device. Thus, ensure you do not focus on price over quality as they say cheap is expensive.

Manufacturer’s recommendation

By checking the manufacturer’s recommendation you can find out about the maximum output voltage of the device as well as the recommended runtime and warranty. This way you will know how to use the device, its limits and if it is suiting your needs.

With a violet wand, you are on your way to the most sensational experience. You can buy violet wands in Australia on websites like

How to Use Dead Sea Salt for Skin and Hair

How to Use Dead Sea Salt for Skin and Hair

The therapeutic benefits of the waters of the Dead Sea are widely known. In fact, a lot of people who have health conditions travel to the Dead Sea to experience its healing powers. It is known to treat a wide range of conditions and illnesses due to the high salt and mineral content in the water. For this reason, dead sea salt is also renowned for its healing properties since this type of salt is obtained from the Dead Sea. What’s in a Dead Sea Salt? There is a boatload of minerals that make up a dead sea salt. The first one is magnesium, which heals the skin tissue, soothes damaged skin, and speeds up the metabolism of your cells. Calcium is also present in this type of salt, which boosts skin hydration, promotes skin renewal and combats signs of skin aging. Some even claim that calcium can offer protection from skin cancer. Sulfur is another type of mineral found in dead sea salt and it acts as a natural disinfectant. Therefore, it is a great mineral to detoxify the body and fight common causes of infection. Bromide helps to relieve muscle cramps, repairs skin cells, and revitalizes dullness of skin. Other minerals found in this type of salt include zinc, potassium and sodium. Benefits for Skin Since sea salt Dead Sea has produced is rich in disinfectant and detoxifying properties, it is popularly used as an ingredient for skin exfoliation and pore purification. The slightly abrasive texture provides a gentle but effective way to remove dead skin cells on the surface to keep your skin soft and supple. In addition, this texture penetrates deep into the pores so you clean not just your skin surface but your pores as well. One of the common dilemmas associated with using store-bought skin exfoliators is the fact that your skin can get dry when you’re done using them. That is not the case with dead sea salt as it improves your skin’s lipid barrier so it can retain moisture and stay hydrated.  Lastly, due to its nourishing properties and minerals, you can prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. More information brand name: The Salt Box Benefits for Hair Aside from your skin, buying dead sea salt in Australia can also provide your hair several benefits. If you have a persistent dandruff problem, dead sea salt can be a natural remedy. The sodium and sulfur content allows a deep cleansing of your scalp to remove any flakes on the scalp’s surface. In addition, it can also combat yeast overgrowth, which is the common reason for dandruff formation. You can make your own homemade treatment against dandruff by combining the salt with honey and flour and then scrubbing it onto your scalp. After 5 minutes, wash and rinse your hair and scalp. Do this once or twice a week to see any improvements in your dandruff problem. Lastly, dead sea salt can also promote hair growth. If you have problem with hair loss or thinning hair, the sulfur content stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth while also strengthening your strands so you are far less likely to lose hair. With these benefits, you can start enjoying them by buying cheap dead sea salt at You may now experience the many benefits hyped about this exotic ingredient!

Get the Superbly Sexy and Classy Costumes Online at Foxy Babes


Ever heard of Pretty Hot and Thick! That’s what being plus size entails. At Foxy Babes plus size sexy costumes, we know this very well and deliver exactly hot stuff to fit. What’s the feeling you get when you see a sexy teddy worn by a model on magazines? Learn more with our sexy costumes by Foxy Babes!

Our business is to make you go like: “I am going to pull that look right away with Foxy Babes”. We will make your dreams come true by getting you the right size and make of outfits! At Sexy lingerie costumes – Foxy Babes Boutique, we ensure you wear the garments right since they can fit any body type. Not just for your partner, but especially for you and your confidence.

With a little lace and silk, you will go places even when things get sizzling! You can get rid at one go all the rest, with no excuses to make since your Pjs do not need to come in handy.

On the road to having the best lingerie, you need to consider size, style, and color. It can be a very tedious choice to make but with the sexy costumes Australia at Foxy Babes the uphill task has already been done for you.

Old black and white are safe and suit any kind of woman, though routine is boring. Adorning yourself in a fancy bright color can actually boost your mood. We ensure that we have a variety of colors to fit your mood and attire for the day or occasion. Your skin tone and hair color also play a major role in dictating the color for your style.

The store considers your stature, shape, width, shoulder, breast sizes, hips and waist to give you snugly fitting sexy adult costumes – Foxy Babes options. Where else can you map out your size in such depth? The quality and material that the lingerie is made of typically fits the occasions.

Women are definitely from Venus and with the perfect dress to complement one’s beauty, a woman can move the world. The lingerie is the perfect option to complement that beauty and feel really good about one’s self. Today, with the power of the internet, you can choose fine beauty options that will make you feel very nice and confident about yourself. Shopping for the ideal lingerie and sexy costumes by Foxy Babes is only a click away.

We do not leave behind the fact that as much as you need to feel sexy and confident, this does not happen automatically. You have to make it happen through careful and deliberate choices of the sexy and the classy. Decency is paramount.

Comments such as trashy do not just come by. They are brought about by the fact that lingerie was not worn right. It may be in terms of size or occasion. At our store, we have all that fit different women and on different occasions. We assure you of quality and style at discounted rates. Visit our site to shop as you take advantage of the discounts. Looking for more detail on the plus size sexy costumes by Foxy Babes? Check out the online store’s website for the best collections.

Shop for Stylish, Elegant and Chic Workwear Online


Clothes have dominated every woman’s thoughts since the beginning of time and let no one tell you otherwise. Clothing has evolved over the centuries from animal skins and foliage to the silks cottons and polyesters of today. So in this world of garments, costumes, of trousers, skirts and gowns, there’s a new requirement that made its presence felt when the world of business and offices became too significant. Workwear became yet another avenue waiting to be explored, exploited and experimented with. Rules popped up overnight about what was acceptable office wear. At Aussie Online Apparel they realized this requirement and now shopping for formal clothes has never been easier and looking for workwear online is the fastest and simplest way to do up an office wardrobe.

Clothing has come a long way and today the varieties that are available can confuse even the most made-up of minds. There are options in every kind of apparel and in every style, in every color, size, the list is endless. Choosing then becomes a big problem and deciding what goes with what is a different story altogether. Workwear too comes with share of choices. There is a choice of fabric, of prints, styles, combo outfits, singles that and be mixed and matched and so on. These are options best exploited if you have the time and patience. But what about the busy corporate executive who is running out of time even as we speak. For her, there is Aussie Online Apparel. Today this has become the new shop to go to. Shop in your own time, have it delivered to you and you are good to go. Find your style of workwear online.

The world of the internet has opened up the world, so to speak. You can showcase your product across the globe. There is something out there for everyone, you just have to look. Work with your office rules and find just the right kind of clothes. You can go for mix and match as they give you the best variety possible in just a few basic items of clothing. Go with the basics like a black dress, formal trousers, formal skirts and then team these up with tops or tunics and scarves of different styles, colors and prints. Accessorize is the new mantra.

At Aussie Online Apparel you will find styles and options by the dozen. A return policy ensures that you don’t lose out. Measure yourself properly, sit down at your computer with a cup of tea or a drink and start shopping. Soon you will have a brand new wardrobe that fits you and your budget. Look forworkwear online and you will find clothes to suit your own personal style statement and your favorite colors too. You can “shop till you drop” without actually wearing yourself or your feet out.

Shopping at Aussie Online Apparel is a different experience, go for it, it is fun, practical and best of all you are still sitting in the calm comfort of your home.

Happy Shopping!

Importance of Lighting in Home decor

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When it comes to home décor, there are several essential elements to look into if you want to achieve harmony in design. One of those elements that are often overlooked is lighting. And yet, lighting can make or break your home’s aesthetic vibe. It also goes beyond the aesthetic features of your home as proper lighting can affect mood and mental health – both of which are crucial elements in the process of decorating your home.

home decor

When shopping for designer lamps and fixtures for your home, you need to make three important considerations along the way. These three considerations include color management, functionality of lighting, and creating the illusion of space.

Color management is a crucial aspect to look into when buying designer lighting for your home. You can manipulate your lighting fixtures to add or subtract from the existing color of a room you are decorating. Needless to say, the lighting should enhance the beauty and space of the room. Lighting fixtures with darker colors can give a cramped up feeling to a room. Meanwhile, opting for lighter colors can do the exact opposite. You can therefore choose your type of lighting fixture based on the impact you would like to create with the overall home décor.

The other important factor to look into when buying fixtures from a designer lighting Australia company is direction of the lighting. You can buy fixtures that provide illumination for the entire room or specific areas only, such as the floor or walls. Track lighting, for instance, can be hung at a specific area of the home and manipulated to point at a specific direction. If you want to create more drama or effect with lighting at home, recessed lighting can do that as it emits vertical beams of light. Natural and man-made lights can have an impact on an interior space. This explains why a room with insufficient lighting can feel cramped or smaller than it is supposed to be. Other factors such as the arrangement of furniture within the room can also make a space feel and look smaller.

The most important role that lighting plays, aside from its aesthetic quality, is the ability to provide illumination inside your home. If your lighting fixtures are unable to serve that purpose, then you are simply wasting money and electricity in the process. There is a different type of lighting for specific areas of the home so you need to know what suitable type of lighting is for each purpose. Chandeliers are great for providing illumination on open foyers or large spaces, while wall lights provide light into corridors and hallways.

For all of your home décor and lighting needs in Australia, Risenn is a name you can trust. This online store provides an extensive selection of furniture, lighting, furnishings and accessories to help homeowners realise their dream home. The vast selection available at this online store also ensures that you can find a piece that will fit into your home’s existing interior design, whether you want a modern or vintage feel to your home. 

For more information please visit our website at: