Friday, April 10

Fountain Pen 101: Taking Care of Your Fountain Pen

Despite the rise of digital texts and printing technology, the exquisite writing that only fountain pens can produce will never change.  It’s beautiful. But nowadays, majority have turned their backs on writing by pen for the advanced technology your laptops and smartphones can offer and some people don’t really see the beauty in using a fountain pen. One of the reasons why is that they probably see fountain pens as expensive, luxury items. True, they are a lot more expensive than regular pens, some would treat a fountain pen the same as you would treat your expensive watch. But the thing is there are always fountain pens for sale available, and they’re not always that expensive.

fountain pens for sale

Now let me give you some tips on how to take care of your pen if you just bought a new one. Its maintenance could be a lot easier than you thought, if you do it regularly. Here’s the first one:

1. Clean your pen regularly

One of the things we’re often guilty about. Not cleaning them regularly. You should. If you’re using different colors every now and then, then you have to clean them every time you change colors, but if you use only one, you can clean your pen at least every two weeks for it to keep running smoothly. And don’t use alcohol for cleaning. That will ruin your pen. Just stick to lukewarm water and a mild soap.

2. Do your homework

I know you searched for fountain pens for sale right now but you also have to search for the products you’re going to use for your pen. You should know what ink to get since there are many types of ink and some of them can clog your pen’s nib and you don’t want that to happen. Ask an expert if needed.

3. Protect the nib

Always use the pen cap and put the pen somewhere safe. Never leave it without its cap. You can also use a pouch of some sort that would fit your pen. Once it falls and damages the nib in the process, you might have to buy a new one. It’s probably the end for you pen if it fell. The repair can be a lot more expensive than the pen itself. More information brand name: Notedian


There are many things you should know about your pen. From its parts down to its maintenance procedures. So if you just bought one, make sure to do your homework and take care of it. Read more to avoid damaging it.

But If you still haven’t bought one, remember that the ones you see at the mall might be a lot more expensive than what you can afford, so you still have to do some research before purchasing one. However, there are many fountain pens for sale that do not live up to your expectations, so make sure you buy quality fountain pens. But rest assured, you can still get the best fountain pens for sale (if you did your fair share of reading about fountain pens) while enjoying the rest of your pay, plus you get to have the chance to realize a wonderful, beautiful hobby. You can try visiting: