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Gas heaters that heat the interior using minimum possible gas

A fireplace is one of the important components of every home. In fact, you can find a fireplace even in some of the offices and commercial buildings. But, these conventional fireplaces have been redesigned to keep pace with the fast changing lifestyle. As a result, the conventional fireplace is replaced by inbuilt gas heaters. Elegant design, economy in gas consumption are some of the notable features of the modern gas heaters. Some of the gas heaters are so efficient that they heat an area up to about 80 square meters.

Increase in the sale:

It is said that during the last decade in Australia, the sales of inbuilt gas heaters have increased by more than three folds. The modern gas heaters give priority to aesthetic appearance, economy in consumption of gas, safety, portability and efficient heating capability.

Types of gas heaters:

The gas heaters can be classified into two namely ‘B’ vent and ‘direct’ vent. The ‘B’ vent is an open gas fire system and it is one of the traditional forms of fireplaces. On the contrary, the ‘direct’ vent gas heaters are inbuilt gas heaters. These gas heaters are provided with a glass fronted fireplace with an appropriate flue or exhaust system to throw out the smoke.

Gas logs instead of wooden logs:

Despite availability of varieties of inbuilt gas heaters, you may have the fascination to retain the traditional look of the fireplace but still using the modern accessories. In such cases, you may look for a gas log fireplace Australia shops sell. The traditional fireplace uses wooden logs to heat up the interior. But the gas log fireplace uses fiber logs through which the gas passes to heat the interior of the building. In fact, this is one of the unique designs of a gas log fireplace.

Unique free standing model:

When you browse you would find varieties of gas log fireplaces. Among the various models of gas heaters, the free standing gas heaters are very popular among the prospective buyers. This type of gas heaters are known for their undisputed elegance, portability, heating efficiency, safety and economy in the consumption of gas. Further, this category of gas heaters is easy to maintain and they have an affordable price tag.

Natural golden color flame:

As far as the gas log heater is concerned, there are exclusive varieties of heaters providing the best gas log fires. These gas log fires replicate the natural golden color fire coming out from a wooden log. These log fireplaces are available in different varieties like vented and vent free gas log. Further, the gas logs are inexpensive and very easy to install. Check out Dan Hadley Adelaide

Improved safety features:

Further, some of the gas log fires are provided with controls to regulate the flame according to your requirements. In addition to this, the gas log fires are provided with appropriate safety pilot gadgets. The pilot gadgets are so designed by Illusion Gas Log Fires that if the normal flow of gas is disrupted, they shut off the flow of the gas to the burner.


The design of a fireplace has undergone tremendous changes. Efficiency in heating, elegance in design and economy are the benchmarks of modern gas fireplaces. You can find varieties of gas heaters when you visit reputed manufacturers like the