Friday, April 10

Paving The Path Towards Safety Using Partial Discharge Testing

As more jobs are being filled in the city due to modernization and the advancement in technology, we construct more buildings and open different types of businesses. Any industry using a power supply needs their cables and wirings maintained from time to time to ensure safety. This is where partial discharge testing comes in handy – to monitor and provide diagnostic information about cables, switchgears, rotating machines and transformers.
partial discharge testing
Partial discharge testing is the best way to assess insulation since, statistics show that 90% electrical failures are caused by insulation deterioration. PD testing can be considered as a health check for your high voltage insulation. It detects problems before they even happen.
So, how do you determine exactly when to do PD testing? PD testing aims to locate and identify faults before failure happens. Testing should be done as soon as possible when a trigger has sparked a partial discharge. A common cause of a discharge is because of poor worksmanship and manufacturing defects during installation.
Some companies would consider a method of upgrading the switchgear by retrofitting oil circuit breakers which is very cost effective. However, the switchgear’s remaining fixed portion should still be checked and PD testing can determine if the retrofit is indeed feasible.
An example of a latest technology partial discharge measurement tool is the On-Line PD cable mapping. What happens is that, once cable discharge has been detected, sensors placed at the ends of the cable are injected with pulse and the exact location of the partial discharge can be pinpointed while the cable stays live. Often times PD is detected in old equipment where the insulation has deteriorated with increased thermal stresses and age. In the long run, reoccurring PD causes catastrophic failures resulting to downtime. This is bad for the company because it causes business interruption, productivity, and loss. Potential life hazard troubles may also arise if these are not put into consideration which is a big issue. Also, trying to fix the electrical problem might even cost thousands of dollars or more depending on the damage. 
LIVE HV, based in Melbourne, Victoria, provides the most impressive electrical testing services suitable for High Voltage assets like in Mines, Power Authorities, Ports, Mills, Smelters and Trains and Hospitals and any business operating Medium or High Voltage network in New Zealand, in the Pacific, and in Australia.
Live HV also provides other services such as switchgear PD monitoring, cable mapping, rotating machines, thermography or infrared testing and high voltage testing. These provide accurate assessment of the insulation condition and allows you to pinpoint and repair the location of the discharge. LIVE HV provides Training, Sales, and Support and Information for their comprehensive partial discharge testing products which include the monitors, portable loggers, permanent sensors and hand held surveyors. 
Safety is a very important measure that needs to be addressed frequently for the success of a business. By observing safety precautions, we make our business environment safe and our employees would build confidence in the management. Read more at