Friday, April 10

Reclaim Your Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance

You might not even realize it but you were probably a victim of PPI mis-selling a few years ago  and could be eligible for some fat PPI compensation from the financial institution that sold the policy to you. This is especially so if you took a credit card or some other form of unsecured loans. If you took multiple loans in the past, then the amount of the Payment Protection insurance could be quite significant although the average payout so far has been GBP3000 and this has been issued to millions since 2011 by several banks. For advise on PPI reclaim visit Webster O Brien Solicitors who can assist you with the claims process at a reasonable fee.

Webster O’Brien Solicitors are specialists when it comes to the PPI compensation claims and have assisted numerous people in the past in successfully filing complaints and claims for PPI compensation. Their experience in the PPI claims process and procedures ensures that you will be able to get your PPI compensation quickly and without much hassle at a very affordable rate. With their experience in the industry, they carry out a rapid assessment on whether there is a chance that you have a mis-sold PPI so that you do not have to go through the difficult process yourself. Many people in financial distress who were victims of the PPI scam and looking for advise on PPI reclaim visit Webster O’Brien Solicitors in order to get quick assistance in processing their compensation claims.

They can use their experience and knowledge of the procedures to assist you in claiming even when if you have debt in arrears with the concerned financial institution. If you have been struggling recently, use the Webster O’Brien Solicitors service to win PPI compensation just in time in order to put your finances in order. There are many reasons why many people contact this claims management company in when it comes to managing their PPI claims. Some of the reasons include the following:-

·         They are trusted UK solicitors

·         They can assist you in using your PPI compensation in reducing your debts

·         They assist you in determining your eligibility for a claim. There are many people who file PPI claims with the financial institutions even in cases where they are not eligible since they lack sufficient information on how to go about the process. The PPI claims process is not a lottery but a genuine compensation scheme for people who were misled into buying a policy which they don’t really need.

·         The claims management company will even talk to your credit agency on your behalf so you do not have to grapple with the hassle or even sit in the queues for long waiting to sort out the claims issue with your credit agency.

·         Get professional consultations services on your PPI status

·         Get ongoing support as well as guidance on your PPI claims applications

·         They are an experienced and dedicated solicitor service that will offer you the coolest and most professional service when dealing with a very hectic procedure.

Don’t be afraid to dig through your old financial agreements in order to reclaim your money. For advise on PPI reclaim visit Webster O’Brien Solicitors, and put yourself on a fast-track process to reclaiming your mis-sold PPI.