Thursday, April 9

Some Common Photocopier Issues

A photocopier machine is a common asset in almost all offices- offering simple yet vital service. Although its only task is to copy or transfer images and words from one paper to the next, it can cause lots of frustration when it goes on a rampage like is so common with this very important device. This is why regular photocopier maintenance from reliable experts is encouraged. It can reduce the frequency of breakdowns, though of course there are some little inconveniences that cannot be avoided.

photocopier maintenance
             photocopier maintenance

Just as earlier said, the photocopier has its importance and frustrations as well. Below is a list of some of the problems:

  1. Paper Jam – This is one of the most common problems photocopier users encounter. It happens due to two reasons namely, improper alignment of paper during loading, or using the wrong paper size.  When the wrong size of paper is used, the machine is forced to pull it, causing delay and sometimes breakdown. To eliminate the problem, photocopier maintenance is a must. When one asks the experts, they will educate users on the right size of papers to use as well as demonstrate how to align the papers.

The other reason that could lead to paper jam is dust. Very few people are bound to believe this of course, but it is a reason worth taking seriously.

  1. Having Creases on Paper – It is frustrating to have paper creases and other deformities on the final paper after it has been through the copier machine. These can be for a number of reasons:
  1. Scanner mirror or glass having foreign substances.
  2. Malfunction of the developer unit or drum.
  3. Fusers having issues.
  4. Malfunctioning of the drum blade leading to large vertical lines along the page.

Regular photocopier maintenance and cleaning can resolve these issues impeccably. By enlisting expertise service from experts, a client will learn how to do certain simple tasks by themselves.

c) Toner Issues – When the toner fails to function, the end result can be very feint or invisible writings on the final paper. If the toner is new, there is need to have it replaced. If it had been earlier functioning, there is need to have it repaired. A photocopier owner could find out what offers at the moment.

d) Very Dark or Light Copies – Very dark or light outcomes can be as a result of imbalance in copier density controls systems. When this happens, there is need to have resetting density controls. While this sounds like a little do it yourself job, it is best when experts do it as they will also service the whole machine. If you’re looking for a good photocopier repair centre our extensive knowledge in photocopier solutions can be offered to all our customers and have an onsite service or repair carried out with efficiency and effectiveness. You therefore have all the reason to take a look at our services.

e) Spots on Paper  – There can be dots that spread randomly on the final copy or page, giving the paper an ugly finish. If these ugly smudges are on the same spot with all the copies, the copy mirror could be having issues worth checking out. At a photocopier repair center, all customers are served with ongoing technical support on photocopiers. At Photocopier Repair Centre we serve all our customers with ongoing technical support on photocopiers, with our extensive knowledge in working we recommend our clients to book an onsite service by one. Check at Photocopier Repairs