Thursday, April 9

What you need to pull off a successful AFL grand finale party!

The AFL Grand finals are always a big deal and given that about 7.83 million Australians watch AFL, as revealed by a 2014 research by Roy Morgan, a grand final day party comes almost natural. However, for most football lovers, the idea of an AFL party comes with confusion as they do not know how they are going to throw the party, the logistics like where to get AFL bar fridge, what they will need among other things. Read on for insights.

Prepare big TV screens

 There is no AFL party without TV screens. You can have two TVs. The main TV screen room should be indoors either in the living room or the theater room. It should be a humongous screen like a 60 –inch HD TV or a projector. This is the only way a watch party can happen. Then the second screen should be a TV screen outdoor by the barbeque. This is to consider the people that will be running the barbeque and also those that want to get outside and enjoy some sun. Additionally, you could try running the radio commentary out so that a great atmosphere can be generated while you attack the afl bar fridge.


The AFL grand final parties are usually an afternoon affair kind of thing with bounce down at 12.45 pm WA time. What this means, therefore, is an Aussies BBQ will be perfect for guests and also given that the timing usually is summer, the guests will have a preference for the outdoors. Also given that it’s going to be a warm day, a bar fridge in AFL party is a necessity. You can encourage them to bring own bottles mostly mid-strength beer or light beer so that guests can be sober for the party. Also, food needs to be in plenty so that guests don’t deplete the afl bar fridge before the party even begins.

Some food ideas

When it comes to the expensive barbeque like the expensive steaks, then the guests would be better off bringing their own. Food ideas include big bowls of salads, cheese platters, water crackers, sausages and bread rolls. Also, chicken wings and foods like prawns go together well with the football.

Know the schedule

Given that the AFL games grand finales tend to be long-lasting up to 2 hours and 40 minutes, knowing the schedule will be helpful to help you plan well when you are going to start the party. It’s always critical that the guests arrive before the game as then you can all enjoy the pre-game entertainment. Also make certain that all preparations, including barbeque and bar fridge afl are set up before the game.

For your party to be fun you will need fans of either side of the playing teams! Do not make them alienated such that if there are any paraphernalia or balloons, they are for all the teams. You can get supplies such as cheap bar fridge in AFL in places like